Welcome to Kingdom Keys

Kingdom Keys is a small group of Christian counsellors, psychologists and prayer ministers in Melbourne who are committed to discovering more effective ways to bring healing to those who Jesus sends to them for help.

We meet regularly for fellowship and worship and to learn from the Holy Spirit and each other. As we move nearer to the time when Jesus returns the church will need to be more effective in ministering to broken people. There will be many more needing help and less time to do it. We are learning how to meet this need in our own communities and lives.

Although the  Kingdom Keys group is limited to those who can meet together face to face, we also wish to share what we learn with the wider community of those called to healing ministry, which we will do through this website. Through it we will also network with other groups and individuals who share our purpose.

We hope you will find the site helpful in your ministry and invite you to share your experiences and questions with us.