Healing Centres

There are many ministries which offer Christian healing prayer and/or counselling. Through many years of experience the members of Kingdom Keys have learned to be discerning about who they will refer hurting people to for help. The following lists are not exhaustive, but are of those who from being in personal relationship with we know we can trust.

Most of the ministries recommended as that are in or near Melbourne will be part of the Healing Prayer Ministries Network. Ministries in other locations will, at the time of listing, be considered by one or more of the Kingdom Keys group to be trustworthy and effective. However, this does not constitute an endorsement for any particular ministry, nor is absence from our lists a criticism of any other ministry. Things often change in human affairs, and we can take no responsibility for what may happen. Each person must take responsibility for themselves, trusting that walking closely with Jesus will be their best source of safety.

If anyone makes use of these lists, or discovers other helpful resources, we would appreciate feedback about your experience, so we can revise our information as necessary.

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